Demonstration: Stop Violence Against Women! Stop War!

The International Women’s Alliance (IWA) and Women of Diverse Origins (WDO) are organizing a peaceful demonstration calling for an end to violence against women and war!

PINAY calls upon our members to join in this demonstration and to show your solidarity with all women who are resisting violence, occupation, militarization, and war!

This event is part of a series of initiatives to end violence against women from Nov. 25 – Dec. 6 2016.

More information is provided below by WDO:


Manifestons contre la militarisation, l’occupation et les guerres d’agression! (English below)

Au cours des 12 journées pour mettre fin à la violence faite aux femmes (25 novembre au 6 décembre), Femmes de diverses origines (FDO) lance un appel à descendre dans les rues de Montréal pour défiler en solidarité avec les femmes qui résistent à l’occupation, à la militarisation et aux guerres d’agression ici et ailleurs dans le monde.

Quand : Samedi 26 novembre à 13h,

Où: Place Norman Bethune (Guy et de Maisonneuve ; métro Guy-Concordia)

Pour plus d’informations, contactez


Demonstrate against militarization, occupation and wars of aggression !

During the 12 Days to End Violence Against Women (25 November – 6 December), Women of Diverse Origins  issues a call to take to the streets of Montreal to march in soldarity with women who are resisting occupation, militarization and wars of aggression here and around the world.

When : Saturday 26th November, 1pm

Where:  Place Norman Bethune  (Guy & de Maisonneuve ; metro Guy-Concordia)

For more informations, contact

See attached: press release and posters, please share widely

CSST Campaign for Domestic Workers

Domestic workers deserve to have full coverage under occupational health and safety regulations in Quebec! We ask the Government of Quebec to change its position concerning domestic workers and the CSST. We ask for the following that current CSST legislation be extended to include the mandatory coverage of domestic workers, regardless of immigration status or validity of work permit. This campaign has been launched in collaboration with the Immigrant Workers Centre and L’Association des Aides Familiales du Québec (AAFQ).

Why are we conducting this campaign?

1-. Like all workers, domestic workers and caregivers face potential physical and psychological health risks in their places of employment. Currently they have no automatic coverage should incidents affecting their mental or physical health occur.

2-The majority of domestic workers are women, many of whom have dependents. The loss of income due to injury or illness has a dramatic impact not only on the women’s well-being but on that of their families.

3-The mandatory coverage of domestic workers under the CSST can help bring attention to the fact that employers must provide a safe and healthy work environment for people providing them with personal or domestic services.


The seven founding organization of the Coalition are The Immigrant Workers Center, Mexicans Against Regularization (MUR), The Temporary Foreign Workers Association, The Temporary Placement Agency Workers Association, PINAY, Dignidade Migrante, and the Spanish Immigrants Collective of Montreal. Together, the Coalition brings together domestic workers, workers with precarious immigration status, placement agency workers, as well as all persons concerned with the well-being of individuals working and living in precarious situations.

We support the following 5 demands:

  1. An increase of the minimum wage, higher than a subsistence wage, to a salary of $15/hour, so that workers can fulfill their needs and provide for their families.
  2. Ensure universal access to health services, social services and labour rights, regardless of immigration status.
  3. Ensure codified and enforced regulation and oversight of temporary placement and recruitment agencies and their client companies, and facilitate the complaints system for abused workers.
  4. End discrimination against domestic workers by allowing them full access to CSST rights.
  5. Open the application for permanent residence program under the “Quebec Experience Program” to all sub-programs of the Temporary Foreign Workers Program.

In order to fulfill our objectives—to defend the rights of workers and to publicly raise awareness about precarious working conditions—we organize events and workshops related to worker’s rights, mobilize supporters and hold demonstrations, as well as lobby governmental authorities to affect legislative changes.