Women of Diverse Origins-Femmes de Diverse Origins

The March 8 Committee of Women of Diverse Origins is an alliance of grassroots women’s organizations representing the diversity of cultural communities in Montreal. Since 2002, we have organized an International Women’s Day march and event that reflects our militant stand and our awareness about the world context and the role of our own struggles and actions. We have brought in speakers from around the world; women who proclaim women’s rights as human rights, women who fight for social justice and the liberation of all peoples, and women who are rooted in daily struggles against war, violence, and conflict. We seek to share our experiences, widen our understanding, and broaden women’s solidarity both locally and globally. In August 2010, we hosted the Montreal International Women’s Conference which brought together close to 400 women from 32 countries (https://wdofdo.wordpress.com/accueil-home/).