CSST Campaign for Domestic Workers

Domestic workers deserve to have full coverage under occupational health and safety regulations in Quebec! We ask the Government of Quebec to change its position concerning domestic workers and the CSST. We ask for the following that current CSST legislation be extended to include the mandatory coverage of domestic workers, regardless of immigration status or validity of work permit. This campaign has been launched in collaboration with the Immigrant Workers Centre and L’Association des Aides Familiales du Québec (AAFQ).

Why are we conducting this campaign?

1-. Like all workers, domestic workers and caregivers face potential physical and psychological health risks in their places of employment. Currently they have no automatic coverage should incidents affecting their mental or physical health occur.

2-The majority of domestic workers are women, many of whom have dependents. The loss of income due to injury or illness has a dramatic impact not only on the women’s well-being but on that of their families.

3-The mandatory coverage of domestic workers under the CSST can help bring attention to the fact that employers must provide a safe and healthy work environment for people providing them with personal or domestic services.