Coalition for Migrant Workers Rights Canada (CMWRC): Mobility, Voice, Equality!

On October 28th 2015, CMWRC launched its nation-wide MoVE campaign, for Mobility, Voice, and Equality for migrant workers in Canada. The campaign includes:

  • Regulatory changes to make it easier for migrant workers to move between jobs thereby improving working and living conditions for Canadian born and migrant workers. Specifically:
  • Transition from tied work permits to open work permits
  • Remove limits on work permits and restrictions on Labour Market Impact Assessments (LMIA) including a 4-year time-limit on workers ability to stay.
  • Permanent resident immigration status upon arrival for migrant workers.

In Montreal, PINAY was proud to attend the MoVE launch, which took place at the Immigrant Workers Center. To learn more about CMWRC visit their website: